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Any blackhead remedies?

I have more blackheads than a typical teen should have. I have them all over my nose, and some on my checks.I tried blackhead scrubs daily(which lessen the blackheads a little), and those biore strips but it didnt help. The only thing that helped was to squeeze them right out- but I am tired of the red scares left behind.

I have have a pimple or two on my face occasionaly, so thats not my main concern. My regular face routine is washing my face w/ my blackhead scrub, wiping my face with my clearisal pads, and using my acne cream for certain areas, Can someone please help me with this problem!?Any blackhead remedies?
A good home remedy you could use is this:

make a scrub of salt, honey and lemon ; yogurt can also be added. Scrub onto face and leave on 5-10 minutes. Wash your face and pat it dry.
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  • Need home remedies for acne lumps n pimples and blackhead?!?

    any effective home remediesNeed home remedies for acne lumps n pimples and blackhead?!?
    You could use lots of home remedies but have to be very careful.... if you open up your pores, this could turn them big and exposed to different free radical.... I woould recommend you use professional products now so that later you will not regret it !!! I would have love and appreciate somebody who would actually taken the time to tell me the importance of having a good skin care regimen... not spending lots of money but understanding the importance it has..... I just found about these botanically based products calle darbonne and they sent me a sample and i just fell in love and got in deep with them to see how great they are..... they are different because they are formulated without mineral oil which is the 2nd worse thing we could do to our skin, it is like rubbing car oil on your skin and exposing yourself to the sun; also it is formulated without animal products which come from dead animals.... there are these rendering plants who pick all dead animals form the road, meatmarkets etc and put them inside a huge pot and squash everything inside and boil it... what ever comes to the top is what other companies use to formulate their ';beauty'; products... ewww, gross I know!!! Anyway, try them out, and believe me you will not regret it... check their site andd ask for more info maybe they can tell you more about their products.... i really recommend them because you see the difference right away, the blackheads are history with their deep pore cleansing masque and their thermall fusion enzyme masque... just wonderful !!!Need home remedies for acne lumps n pimples and blackhead?!?

    The BV healing mask for spots:

    2tsp honey, 1/4 tsp of fine sea salt, 1tsp of turmeric. Blend to a thick paste. Apply only to the spot and leave overnight. Wash your face as normal.

    The combination of ingredients means that it has a deep dislodging effect, so heals the spot faster without leaving scar tissue
    colgate toothpaste. it burns like hell, but thats how you know its working.
    Herbal Treatment For Acne…

    Acne remedies at home…
    I need some too. I have tried alsorts even just soap and water. Nothing works and some stuff dries my skin out.

    Good luck in finding something
    yes chop your head off
    Try limiting your dairy consumption.

    A 2005 Harvard study found a connection:

    ';Acne Associated with Dairy Intake…

    A new Harvard study links dairy products to adolescent acne. A group of 47,000 women from the Nurses’ Health Study was asked to provide information about several aspects of their diet during high school as well as any incidence of physician-diagnosed severe teenage acne.

    Researchers noted a positive association with total milk and skim milk consumption, along with instant breakfast drinks, sherbet, cottage cheese, and cream cheese.

    No association was found with several other foods often thought to affect acne, including soda, french fries, chocolate candy, and pizza. The scientists postulate that hormones and bioactive ingredients found in milk may be responsible.';
    Get Coarse Corn flour and use it as a Facial scrub with in a week ur pimplez wil stgrt to clear up
    No artificial methods!!!

    For free tips on natural homemade methods for glowing skin-visit
    i know its not home remedy but the pill works great
    spots and pimples are caused by too much oil in the skin. anything that soaks up this excess oil would work wonders. a dod of toothpaste works well.also try steaming your face regularly, this will help open up your pores so that all the gunk inside them can be released

    Blackhead at home remedies?

    i have these little blackheads that are raised and kind of clustered in groups of two or threes and i cant get rid of them!! i tried the biore pore strips and i wash my face with the st ives fash wash but its not working. i was on an antiobiotic ointment for my dermatitis on my face and while that cleared up i think it clogged my pores. are there are at home remedies or sure fire products that wont cost an arm or a leg that will get rid of them?? Ten points to the one that works!!Blackhead at home remedies?
    I understand your concern, 2 of my teens also struggle with your same problem. We have done it all so to speak and this is what worked for us. First I will tell you a home remedy that only requires some ingredients from your kitchen. (this can be used only for cleansing) It will not permantely heal the problem)

    A) Mix brown sugar with warm water and rub into your skin. This will clear out pores and blackheads gradually.

    That's it. But I stress, this works good for a quick cleanser.

    What we are using, and you can find these things at your local health food store:

    1) Tea Tree Face Wash (we do 3 times daily)

    2) Tea Tree Cleansing Pads (we use in between washing, like at school, or away from home. Just keeps excess oils down and acts as a bacteria fighter)

    3) Michael's Skin Factors this supplement is great it helps from the inside out. They have a web site but run a search on it. And definately check the health food store first for these products.

    They have worked wonderful for my family. Too, check out what is in your hair, and skin care products, the chemicals in those can cause acne, and many other health problems. Another good site to go to for good prices and truly pure health and beauty products is they also have a list of the bad ingredients (chemicals in products)

    That is it. Just don't stress, it will work if you work it!! : )

    Good LuckBlackhead at home remedies?
    the wave works super well suposedly. i myself havent tried it but everyone tells me that it works like crazy. im buying one tommorow. they are 14 bucks but im sure its worth it and i hear that it can help blackheads. evan if your blackheads dont go away, the wave will leave you with a clear complexion so they wont be quite as noticable. plus the wave unclogs pores so you could use the stuff ur derm gave you and then wait about an hour (to ensure you dont wash it off) and then use the wave. go to for more details. good luck
    Whatever you do, do not try to take them off yourself. It sounds like tags and they do scar. You might want to go to a dermatologist and let him look at them. If they are, they'll just freeze them off. I found home remedies on line, but they sound so horriffic, I don't think I will share them. OK, just one, this doesn't sound to bad.

    The second method is a less painful method and results can be seen pretty fast. What you need is some baking soda and castor oil. With these two ingredients, prepare a concoction by mixing the two together thoroughly until they form a gooey paste. Apply at least 3 times every day on the skin tags. The skin tags would dry up and die off in around 2 weeks.

    I can't stress enough, go to a doctor and make sure what it is before doing anything.
    Make a layer of elmers glue on the affected area, let dry and peel off then close pores with witch hazel.

    hope this helps!!!
    This should help. Rub oatmeal paste on face,leave it to dry for 15 minutes before washing off with cold water. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.
    - Wash your face twice a day in warm salty water. This should leave your face oil free without aggravating the acne

    * excess oils can cause blackheads

    - Extract juice of one lemon and mix with equal quantity of rose water. Apply this mixture on the face and let it stay for about half an hour. Wash the face with fresh water. About 15 days application helps cure acne, pimples and reduces blemishes and scars

    - Mix fresh lime juice with grounded drumstick pods and leaves and apply on blackheads

    - To loosen blackheads, use a facial scrub with green tea in it

    - Warm honey and apply it on blackheads. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes

    - Application of undiluted lemon juice 2-3 times a day on the affected areas will remove blackheads

    I have heard that Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask is good, many reviewers on MUA (makeupalley) says that it takes care of its blackheads

    I also heard that using a salicylic acid cleanser is good because salicylic acid cleans out your pores

    TIP: before using a mask, steam your face (it will open up your pores)

    I am using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion and so far I think it is helping me keep my blackheads under control...

    ALSO: i was wondering when you used the Biore Pore Strips, did it like peel your skin off? Because i think thats what it did to me. And did it make your pores look deeper?

    Blackhead/ Pimple Home Remedies?

    I need home remedies!

    And I need questions answered!


    Can I use milk?


    Scrub toothpaste on my nose with a toothbrush?


    Astringent Tips?

    Toothpaste?Blackhead/ Pimple Home Remedies?
    Pleeeaase I need this tooooooooBlackhead/ Pimple Home Remedies?
    Apple Zinger Facial Mask (Oily and Acne Prone Skin)

    Take 1 medium size apple, grated fine, 5 tbs. honey. Mix the grated apple and honey well. Smooth over skin and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse off with cool water.

    Cool as a Cucumber Yogurt Facial (Normal/Oily Skin)

    1/2 cucumber

    1 Tbsp plain yogurt

    Puree cucumber in blender mix in yogurt, apply to face. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse well.

    Honey Mask (Oily/Blemished Skin)

    Massage a small amount of slightly heated honey onto skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to wash off all the honey with lukewarm water or the honey left will clog your pores, resulting in more acne. Wheat germ may be added for its abrasive action, protein and nutrients.

    Pineapple Olive Oil Mask

    In a blender, combine 4 large pineapple chunks or 1/2 cup canned, drained pineapple and 3 tablespoons olive oil. Blend until almost smooth. Apply mixture to face with fingertips and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse face with warm water and pat dry.

    Tomato Blemish Remedy

    1 tomato, ripe, chopped

    1 tsp. lemon juice

    1 T instant style oatmeal or old fashioned rolled oats

    Blend all ingredients until just combined, in a paste. Apply to blemished skin, making sure the mixture is thick enough to stay in place. Leave in place 10 minutes. Remove with damp washcloth, and rinse and tone. Plain tomato juice can be applied for about 15-20 minutes and is the one of the best method to reduce pores and this also helps with the excess oil in the face.

    Honey Yogurt Exfoliating Facial Scrub

    Mix 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar with 陆 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt. Smooth the mixture over your face and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off using lukewarm water.

    Oatmeal Exfoliating Facial Scrub

    Mix one pack of instant oatmeal with water to create a paste. Once the paste is formed, dab the mixture onto your entire face. Let the mixture set for approximately 2 minutes and rinse off with cold water. According to experts oily skin should be treated with an oatmeal mask to get good results. Oatmeal when mashed not only acts as a great scrub but also effectively soaks away the excess oil from your face. The usage of oatmeal paste must be followed by a cold water rinse that helps in contracting the pores.


    Wash your face twice a day in warm, salty water. This helps leave your face clean and oil-free -- without employing any potentially irritating products or soaps.

    Toning: Egg Whites

    Using egg whites is the cheapest and easiest way to tone your skin at home. Simply separate a few raw egg whites into a bowl and apply directly on the facial skin after cleansing. Let the egg white dry for at least 15 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water for an instant glow. For acne, take one egg white and put it directly on top of the pimple for 20 minutes.


    Peel and mash eight cloves of fresh garlic. Apply to face avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave on for about 15 minutes. Wash off with a warm cloth.


    Put toothpaste on your pimples before you go to bed, should help reduce swelling overnight. Make sure it is the paste not the gel.

    Baking Soda Solution

    You will need 1 tbsp. baking soda, 1 tbsp. water. Mix together ingredients and apply on face allowing it to sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it with warm water. Baking Soda is very cheap and one box will last you a very long time. You can also use baking soda as an exfoliator: be careful when applying it to your face, since it is a very effective scrub. Massage the baking soda into your skin for ten to fifteen seconds and rinse. Your face is now clear of the surface cells that will cause many acne spots.


    Mix some vinegar and salt in a bowl. Pour a little bit in your hand and rub it on the pimples. Soak a face towel in it and dab it on the bumps. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off.

    The best thing to do is to exfoliate. So many people don't know how useful it can be. It removes dead skin cells and dirt that are deep in your pores and can't be gotten out by just soap, and dead skin cells and dirt causes breakouts. Take one cup of brown sugar and mix it with 1/2 cup of oil (baby oil, coconut oil, veggie oil, any kind will really work) and stir them together until you have a clumpy mixture. Use it on your face as a scrub, rubbing it on to your face for about 1-2 minutes, every other day or as often as you think you need it.

    Someone refrd to a website on removing blackhead and whiteheds - home remedies?

    definitely it is not www.blogspot. it was in yesterdays ask and answerSomeone refrd to a website on removing blackhead and whiteheds - home remedies?
    Baking Soda is the Answer

    Biore strips are actually damaging to your pores if you use them too often. An excellent pore cleanser that is very gentle and super inexpensive is baking soda. Make a paste of it in your hand with water or a liquid facial cleanser like Cetaphil. Then use it on your face as a gentle scrub. Your face will feel incredible clean.

    Mary Alice

    Suave May Be Cheaper

    Suave has the same type of strip for cheaper. I'm not sure of the price because I haven't bought them in a while, but I know they are cheaper. Have you thought about washing your face with a soft loofa pad morning and night. Remember that drinking water helps as well. Take your weight and divide it in half and that is the amount of water in ounces you should take in everyday.

    Sally in Colorado

    Who'd have thought?

    Elmer's glue works just as well as Biore strips. Have you ever slathered the glue on your hands and watched it dry and then peeled it off? Spread a little glue on your acne-prone area and let it dry. Then, peel it off. It will ';grab'; every little particle of dirt and lift it away.


    Another Elmer's Glue Proponent

    This substitute peel-off mask idea comes from Looking Good Newsletter.

    You know those strips you can buy to remove blackheads and dirt from your face? Yep, they're not cheap. There is another way to achieve the same results and at a cost of pennies, or less. It's Elmer's Glue. You heard me, good old fashioned Elmer's Glue that most of us grew up using for one thing or another.

    Apply a layer of glue on your face, concentrating on the nose area if that is a problem area for you. Let it dry completely and peel off as you would with a peel-off mask. Rinse what residue doesn't come off when peeling. Feel your skin. Pretty nice, huh? Follow with a toner if you like.

    Elmer's Glue disclaimer: When using Elmer's Glue as a beauty treatment, one should make sure they are not allergic to the product. While I don't know the statistics of ';Elmer's Glue allergy,'; there is a chance that someone, somewhere, is allergic to the stuff. Also, I would like to add that when applying glue to your face, it is not advisable to apply glue anywhere near the eyes to prevent the possibly hazardous ';Glued Eye Syndrome.'; Likewise for the mouth area.


    Answer Inside the Egg

    On the inside of an egg is a little piece of ';skin.'; It's transparent, usually located at the base. Peel it off and apply it to your nose or anywhere blackheads occur. It will draw out the impurities in your skin. Apply it fresh and peel it off when it dries. You may need to add a bit of water to remove it.


    This Works for Me!

    I found out that using the same sugary mixture that women use to remove hair works just as well for cleaning pores, like the Biore Clear Pore Strips.

    1 cup sugar

    1/3 cup honey

    juice from 1/2 of a lemon

    2 tsp. of glycerin

    Place all the ingredients, except the glycerin, into a saucepan. Heat over medium/high heat until it reaches 240 degrees F. It will not work if it doesn't reach 240 Degrees F. The ';wax'; will turn an amber color.

    Pour it into a small wide mouth jar, add 2 tsp. of glycerin, and stir well. After it cools to about 115 degrees F., apply a thin layer to the area you want with a stiff spatula or other utensil. Then, place a clean washcloth evenly over the area and press firmly. Let the ';wax'; cool even more before you pull the washcloth off. Finally, pull the washcloth off in a quick even manner, just like you would a Biore strip.


    Not a Bad Result

    I actually used to know the dermatologist who ';invented'; these types of facial strips. How did he invent them? He said that for many years during skin studies he used regular scotch tape to pull out the ';contents'; of pores. Simple as that. I've tried it at home, and it's not a bad result at all.

    By the way, this same dermatologist recommends Dove soap and Vaseline for your everyday skin care. Although he admits that Vaseline isn't the most cosmetically pleasing product, he says it does the same job as much more expensive lotions.


    Try this Recipe

    Take 1 Tbsp. of Knox unflavored gelatin and 1 1/2 Tbsp. milk. Microwave for 10 seconds and apply to face. Let it dry for 30 minutes (will dry very stiff). Peel it off. This works just like Biore Strips.

    DianeSomeone refrd to a website on removing blackhead and whiteheds - home remedies?
    wash your face with pure apple cider vinegar blemishes will go away and your skin will be the softest you can ever get it

    Best blackhead remedies?

    Im talking about ways you can get rid of it at home! Like maybe mixing ingredients? I dont know. Is there anything else you can do besides the biore strips? I have some near my nose. Grr! Well.thanksBest blackhead remedies?
    Elmers glue !

    for real. sounds silly but that's what I do.Best blackhead remedies?
    Black heads suck, I've dealt with my fair share of them. There is no immediate remedy I can suggest. The first thing I would do is figure out what your skin type is (dry, oily, etc.). I use proactiv pretty much daily, but my skin maintains moisture well. Any face scrub product will probably do the same though. I'd recommend a non-oily face cream also. Use the biore strips once a week or every two weeks. Get more sleep, drink more water. Those are the easiest things I can recommend. If you are determined, then change how you eat, monitor your physical activity, and those will definitely make a hughe difference. Good luck
    purchase a comedo extractor.

    Skin At-Home/DIY remedies for bad acne, OILY, blackhead, acne scarred skin?

    I have:

    - alot of acne of ALL types


    - ALOT of blackheads

    - MANY MANY acne scars


    i can't take it anymore!

    I NEED t-home or cheap remedies for this!Skin At-Home/DIY remedies for bad acne, OILY, blackhead, acne scarred skin?
    I sometimes just end up beginning on sale and using tons products. Do what seems right and Im pretty sure your instinct will be correct.Skin At-Home/DIY remedies for bad acne, OILY, blackhead, acne scarred skin?
    Im going to save and get microdermabrasion. It really reduced my sisters acne scars. Its worth paying the extra because you will end up wasting money on failed products or even make it worse. Over the counter products are for people who have minor problems. Scars can be fixed. if not by Microdermabrasion then another non surgical procedure. You must visit a pro for these procedures. They are expensive but your face it worth it. So start saving
    Okay! Well first of all keep yourself hydrated eat a lotttttttt of fruits and vegetables and swear not to eat greasy food more than once a month.

    Acne is extremely complicated. One expensive thing you can do is consult a dermatologist. But the medicines you will get from a doctor and stuff like proactive and all wont work for long.

    To get rid of blackheads first you need to loosen them. what you can do it soak a towel in hot water and gently place it over your face, make sure its not too hot; do it however it feels comfortable. Another way of doing this is steam your face. Just boil some water in a open bowl or something then place your face over at safe distance, cover your face and bowl with towel to steam nicely. Make sure to take breaks when its hard to breathe or too hot. Do this for about 5-8 minutes then i would recommend clean and clear blackhead eraser. Or you can mix curd with baking soda and gently rub it on your entire face then wash your face with warm water. Most black heads will go away for the hard ones you can wrap paper towel around your index fingers and press the surface around blackheads and they will come out. Dont press too hard you will scar your face.( if your gnna do that make sure to steam your face first!)

    For acne you can mix gram flour, curd, baking soda, honey and sugar. Apply it as a mask then leave for 20-25 minutes. wash with cold water.

    I'll include a website you can check. There are a million things you can do to keep your skin healthy.

    Stay away from lotions that have oil in, in fact any products that have oil in it and wash your face 10-15 times a day with cold water, it increases blood circulation. I hope u get better soon %26lt;3
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